Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 5 members are provided with OSHA safety training to protect workers, minimize accidents and injuries, and keep construction costs down.

Safety training is a standard part of all union construction training programs for apprentices and journeyman training – because a recent study concluded that “participation in health and safety training reduced workers’ compensation claims by 34 percent (OSHA).”

A safe workforce lowers costs, reduces accidents and increases productivity. Statistics show unionized workers make up the safest workforce in the construction industry.

The International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers’ apprenticeship and training system is widely recognized for producing highly skilled journeymen. Through Union training programs and those offered through the International Masonry Institute, BAC Local 5 members and contractors have access to training opportunities unmatched in the masonry industry.

These training programs are jointly funded by labor and management through collectively bargained contributions and are evidence of the BAC and its signatory contractors’ commitment to developing highly skilled masonry journeymen.

To find out more about the many opportunities available through BAC’s/IMI’s Apprenticeship and Training programs, visit the International Masonry Institute.  

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Ensuring members’ safety on the job is a top priority for the BAC, which provides its members with comprehensive health information and safety training.

BAC Local 5 believes a well-informed worker is a safer worker. This section provides answers to common questions, information on how to protect yourself on the job and safety training available.

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