The Labor Citizen

Each month, the Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council publishes The Labor Citizen, America’s oldest labor newspaper and a vital resource to over 18,000 union members.

Labor Citizen July 2014 CoverThe Labor Citizen is the result of a merger between The Cleveland Citizen, which produced 4,948 issues over 123 years, and The Ohio Labor Citizen, founded as a sister publication in 1988. In 2013, the CBCTC voted to combine the two publications into one monthly, full-color tabloid that is printed at the union press of The Repository in Canton, Ohio.

The Labor Citizen’s primary mission is to provide critical information to members about their specific unions, as well as big picture news and information that impacts all labor members. Each issue features regional and national union projects and political issues, as well as submissions from subscribing unions focusing on events, notices, and news that pertain specifically to that Local and its membership.

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The Benchmark

On a quarterly basis, Ohio-Kentucky Administrative District Council publishes The Benchmark that includes a special message from the director, secretary-treasurer and all of our Business Agents.

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