Unionized workers make up the safest workforce in the building and construction industry.
A union-trained workforce lowers costs, reduces accidents and increases productivity,
all factors that make for good business. That’s why we are so proactive
about fighting for the rights of our members, ensuring they receive a fair, livable wage, and work in the safest conditions.

So-Called Right To Work

“So-Called Right to Work” laws make it optional for workers, who receive benefits from a union negotiated contract, to pay for the expenses that a union incurs while guaranteeing the rights of all… Click to Learn More.


Prevailing Wage

Prevailing Wage Laws require construction contractors who work on public projects to pay construction workers at least the prevailing wages and benefits in the area in which they are… Click to Learn More.


Project Labor Agreements

A Project Labor Agreement (PLA) between an owner and local trade unions provides for the hiring of qualified construction workers and guarantees labor stability on a construction… Click to Learn More.


Responsible Contracting

Responsible contracting policies help governments reduce the risk of contract failure and ensure that contractors have a track record of providing employees with living wages and… Click to Learn More.