Bricklayers and Masons Local Union 5 is one of the oldest Bricklayer’s Unions in the country, having been organized on March 30, 1869.
In January 1881 it was chartered under Bricklayer & Mason’s International Union of America.
On August 9, 1919 the corner stone was set for building of the Bricklayer’s Union Hall.  It was the first Labor Hall built in Cleveland.
For 150 years, our members have been proud of our community, our work, and our history.  God Bless the Brothers and Sisters of Bricklayers Local 5.


The Bricklayer
By: Dave Garrett

He is the skillful worker;
Who builds a garden wall,
A presidential palace,
Or an office building tall.

His trowel puts the mortar down,
He lays each brick in place;
To give the outer crust of life,
A more attractive face.

The square, the level, and the plumb,
Are the tools, of his trade;
But only honest effort can
Designate his higher grade.

He shapes the happy chimney
And the friendly fireside;
Where visitors are welcome,
And where faith and love abide.

And tho at times he may seem slow,
Or ask for better pay;
We’re grateful for the skillful hands,
That built the U.S.A