Membership Recruitment Program

The Membership Recruitment Program will begin on January 1, 2020 through at least December 31, 2020.  The OH-KY ADC Executive Board will review the program in December 2020 to determine the effectiveness.

For every three (3) new members that a current member brings into the Union the OH-KY ADC will reward the referring member with a five hundred dollar ($500.00) check.

A new member is defined as a member that receives a NEW International Union number.  The new members can be Journeymen, Apprentices, and/or Improvers.

New member MUST pay the full initiation fee:

Journeymen $350.00 + 3 months window dues = $419.00

Apprentice $50.00 + 3 months window dues = $102.80

Improvers $175.00 + 3 months window dues = $239.80


The new member can utilize the “Special Fee Waiver” and the cost to the new members will be as follows:

Journeymen – 1 year of window dues $276.00

Apprentice – 1 year of window dues $211.20

Improvers – 1 year of window dues $259.20

A spreadsheet will be kept at the District Council office naming the new members and the referring members.  It will be the responsibility of the local Field Representative to notify the District Council office of the new and referring members that are eligible for this program.