There aren’t words enough to express our deepest appreciation for the men and women who have helped shape this incredible union. We owe a great debt to our retirees and deceased members. Below is a list of some of the men and women who have worked to ensure our trade thrives, and it is our duty to advance the legacy of these hard working brothers and sisters, and the trade as a whole, and be sure that it lasts another 150 years and beyond.

A big thank you to all the retirees who were able to make it to the Retiree Luncheon.

We know how important it is to honor the brothers and sisters who have worked in this great Union. If you know of a recent retiree or deceased member that isn’t listed here, please email us at

Retiree’s Committee Officers
President, Gene Summa
Vice President, Tom Cowan
Trustee, Al Azolino

SPECIAL NOTICE: Brother Mark McPherson passed away suddenly at age 52 on Wednesday 6/14/2017. Mark has been a member of Local 5 Bricklayers for 19 years. We will update this post when details of the service are available.


Branislav Bajic
Jim Barber
Horst Barth
Charles P. Besenfelder
Leonard Bildstein Jr.
Errico Boccardi
Al Borgman
Richard Braatz
Dave Buccieri
Gerald Burrer
Joe Cancic
Raymond Carlisle
Paul Carmellini
Stanley Chalmers
Bill Chaplin
Robert R. Coady
Angelo J. Colarusso
Joe Collins
Joseph Costanzo
Joe Coreno
Tom Cowan
William Cowan
Phillip “Bruce” Daley
Fred Denk
Antonio DiCorpo
Vince DiDonna
Italo Di Geronimo


Antonio DiGiandomenico
John DiGiandomenico
Alfonso Diligente
Ralph Diligente
Michael J. Dulay
Michael Dzuranin
Steve Dzurnak
Giovanni Filippelli
Joseph Gianguzzo
Joe Goebel
John Graff
Ralph Grasela
Joe Gulyas
Paul Hallen
Gary Herak
John Hunter
Donald E. Jones
Paul Kirk
Roman Klimkowicz
Joe Korponic
Dean Lamb
Frank Lash
Robert Lenz
Wilder C. Lynch
John MacGregor
Bruce Maitland
Joseph Marchese
Biagio Martin


Gil Medaglia
Joseph Mioranza
Dwain Nagel
Thomas F. O’Neill
Richard Orrill
John Petralia
Frank Pieronek
Jeff Pizzuli
Joseph Presot
Terry Pros
Phil Romano
John Rosset
Alex Ryclik
Johann Schmidt
Edward Schneider
Gene Schwarzwalder
Lorin Sharpe
Dave Shumney
Paul Shymske
Richard Smith
Gene Summa
Joseph Travagliante
Joseph Volpe
Milton Walker
James Wells
Joseph S. Zumack


October 2015-October 2016

Robert Ashie 3/29/2016
John (Giovanni) Carozza 5/3/2016
Thomas Chambers 7/15/2016
Chester Clark 2/29/2016
Charles Crowe 3/5/2016
Raymond DiDonna 3/10/2016
Vincent Drost 12/25/2015
Theodore Fahey 2/20/2016
John Farone 9/2/2016
David Garrett 3/24/2016
Robert Hill 10/11/2016
Joseph Immormino 12/9/2015
Max Kebeiks 2/19/2016
Thomas Krupienski 8/3/2016
Lawrence Lalonde 9/9/2015
Juevgen Lange 12/21/2015
Leonard Lelli 10/8/2015
Lindell Lewis 4/18/2016
Orval Lizzett 8/1/2016
Joe Lupica 3/3/2016
Ralph Moorman 5/22/2016
Karl Munich 3/29/2016
Gregory Novince 4/12/2016
Dante Raffin 11/21/2015
John Rogers 12/28/2015
Lester Rotatori 10/12/2015
John Schneider 4/8/2016
David Skiles 10/24/2015
Lawrence Sofia 6/3/2016
Jay Stewart 2/29/2016
Amos Stokes 1/3/2016
Dale Vavro 10/8/2016
Edwin Wilburn 4/9/2016
William Walters 2/17/2016
John Walker 1/28/2016
John Whatley 10/2/2016