There aren’t words enough to express our deepest appreciation for the men and women who have helped shape this incredible union. We owe a great debt to our retirees and deceased members. Below is a list of some of the men and women who have worked to ensure our trade thrives, and it is our duty to advance the legacy of these hard working brothers and sisters, and the trade as a whole, and be sure that it lasts another 150 years and beyond.

A big thank you to all the retirees who were able to make it to the Retiree Luncheon.

We know how important it is to honor the brothers and sisters who have worked in this great Union. If you know of a recent retiree or deceased member that isn’t listed here, please email us at

Retiree’s Committee Officers
President, Gene Summa
Vice President, Tom Cowan
Trustee, Al Azolino

October 2016-October 2017


Ricardo Arenas
Lee Aring
Joseph Billy
Michael Blashinsky
James Boyes
David Bucciere
Brent Brown
Gary Busson
Raymond Conley
Michael Corrigan
Emmanuel DiMarchos
Charles Doherty
Richard Eastin
Kim Elam
Allen Fetzer
Michael Goldbach
Dennis Grabowy
Jeffry Gradisher
Janice Henderson
John Hoag


Vincent Isaac
Gary Karr
Frank Katuscak
John Klump
Robert Komara
Christopher Kustra
Andrew Lavecchia
Nicholas Lavecchia
William Ledger
Jeffrey Lose
John MacGregor
William Mansor
Aleksander Mironets
Thomas Nagy
Timothy Pasqualone
Mark Peters
Jeffrey Pizzuli
William Rollers
Robert Samko


Michael Savage
James Saxton
Richard Schleicher
Edward Schneider
John Schneider
Joseph Scolaro
David Shumney
Paul Shymske
Mark Siders
John Slapnicker
Robert Spildener
Leslie Steidl
Jeffrey Stenger
Adam Stone
David Taylor
Peter Tenenika
Mark Urich
Roger Warrington
Michael Wells


John Whatley 10/2/2016
Dale D. Vavro 10/8/2016
Robert Hill 10/11/2016
Cyrus R. Duval 10/18/2016
Gary C. Smith 10/30/2016
Henry Charles 10/31/2016
Raymond J. Victor 11/26/2016
Edwin R Stroberg 11/26/2016
Gordon J. McCullough 12/2/2016
Louis Bartollucci, Sr. 12/13/2016
John Donovan 12/20/2016
Martin Hargas 12/27/2016
Terry F. Pros 1/20/2017
Peter Trissler 2/1/2017
Angelo Agresti 3/2/2017
Bernard J. Nofel 3/15/2017
William E. Cowan 3/28/2017
Richard Gorski 4/23/2017
Frank Novak 4/29/2017
Chester Wilson, Jr. 6/3/2017
Thomas Chapman III 6/5/2017
Lothar Jung 6/11/2017
Mark McPherson 6/14/2017
John Gulyas 6/16/2017
Charles Trapp 6/23/2017
Ruth A. Gross 7/19/2017
Raymond DiCamillo 8/1/2017
John P. Snavely 8/29/2017
Charles E. Mlinarcik 9/28/2017
Robert Arnold 10/4/2017
Robert A.B. Anderson 10/8/2017
Severion Romanin 10/13/2017
Gary Pigman 10/23/2017
Edward Frank Surman 10/26/2017